Spoke 3 - Institutions of giving and philanthropy

University of Edinburgh, Cass Business SchoolUniversity of Edinburgh

Based at Cass Business School and the University of Edinburgh, the programme of research in Spoke 3 is likely to be of special interest to donors, funders and grantmakers, exploring today’s institutional frameworks of funding and grantmaking, how change is introduced, and partnerships between state and charitable organisations to deliver joint outcomes.Cass Business School

Professor Stephen Osborne

Stephen P Osborne is Associate Director of the Centre responsible for Scientific Dissemination and also for our work in Scotland.Stephen Osborne Stephen is Professor of International Public Management and Director of the Centre for Public Services Research within Edinburgh Business School. He has been researching voluntary action in the UK since 1990 and his interests include sustainability, co-production, innovation, and the role of voluntary action in supporting and providing public services. He is President of the International Research Society for Public Management and Editor of 'Public Management Review', which he founded. He also holds ESRC grants from the Public Services programme (on voluntary and community sector innovative capacity. His most recent research was a longitudinal study of the role of voluntary organizations in innovation in public services, as part of the ESRC Public Services Programme. His work also includes extensive involvement in Hungary and Japan evaluating the role of voluntary action in these societies. Recent publications include: S Osborne & C Chew (2007) ‘The innovative capacity of voluntary organizations: a longitudinal perspective’ in Public Management Review [in press]. stephen.osborne@ed.ac.uk

Tobias Jung

Following on from an ESRC/Scottish Government funded research fellowship on ‘Public Services Reform in Scotland: current knowledge and future prospects’ Tobias has taken up a post as research fellow for CGAP. The work focuses on institutions of giving and address aspects such as the effective delivery of joint outcomes through partnerships between state and charitable organisations.

Professor Jenny Harrow

Jenny Harrow is Co-Director of Spoke 3 (see Hub)

Professor Cathy Pharoah

Cathy Pharoah is a Principal Investigator in Spoke 3 (see Hub)

Tom McKenzie

Tom McKenzie is a research officer specialising in economic analysis for CGAP at Cass Business School.

Elric Honoré

Elric Honoré is currently a PhD in Management candidate, awarded a ESRC 1+3 studentship within the Centre of Charitable Giving and Philanthropy at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He is also working as a Research Assistant to Professor Stephen Osborne on The Third Sector and the Changing Public Services Landscape in Scotland project. Elric.Honore@ed.ac.uk

Wendy Wu

Wendy Wu is a PhD Candidate in Management Studies in the University of Edinburgh Business School, awarded by ESRC 1+3 Scholarship. Previously she had worked in various capacities both at operational and strategic levels such as Programme Manager for a European Social Fund Educational Programme, Education Officer of Scottish Arts Council and CEO of Mother’s Bridge of Love (London based charity). Her research focuses on venture philanthropy, innovation of business model and innovation of business process. She obtained an Msc in International Tourism from Edinburgh Napier University and an Msc by Research in Management from the University of Edinburgh Business School. Y.wu-32@sms.ed.ac.uk