CGAP conference: Keeping philanthropy's promises - today's austerity, tomorrow's riches?

CGAP held a major conference bringing together leading-edge UK and international expertise to discuss the response of philanthropy to the rapidly-changing social landscape of need and opportunity.

The conference report summarising the presentations and discussions of the conference is now available.
Read the conference report (pdf)

Day 1 - 9th May 
Day 2 - 10th May

Day 1 - 9th May
Day 2 - 10th May

Storify collections

Overview collection: Keeping philanthropy's promises

Thursday sessions:
Giving, philanthropy and creating a democratic society
Local empowerment through philanthropy
Entrepreneurial philanthropy

Friday sessions:
Can philanthropy deliver a fair and just society?
The gift of globalism
Is philanthropy important to corporate responsibility?
Achieving philanthropy's promises - can we measure progress?

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