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New statistics on company giving

Apr 11, 2011 | Category: Corporate Giving

New research on UK company giving draws comparisons with CGAP's recent research on household giving.

The Directory of Social Change has published the 8th edition of the Guide to UK Company Giving 2011/12.

The guide looks at the top 600 UK companies and finds that the average given as a percentage of pre-tax profits was just 0.43%. This compares to CGAP's 'The New State of Donation' which found that the figure for individual giving was around 0.4% of household income.

For more statistics and analysis on the Guide to UK Company Giving read 'Company giving remains static while proportion of in-kind donations grows' on the Philanthropy UK website.

For more statistics on corporate giving read the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy's (CECP) report 'Giving in Numbers: 2010 edition'.

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