British Academy of Management annual conference
Spoke 1 presented a paper on their case study of the Community Foundation for Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and its role in the local community at the British Academy of Management (BAM) annual conference in Cardiff , in the Entrepreneurship track. The paper is by Mairi Maclean, Charles Harvey, Eleanor Shaw and Jillian Gordon, and is entitled, 'Social Entrepreneurship and Community Renewal' (pdf). See the BAM website

VSSN/NCVO Researching the Voluntary Sector Conference 2012. CGAP presented in various sessions at the VSSN/NCVO Conference, Birmingham.
John Mohan presented ‘What third sector organisations in England think of their local statutory bodies: evidence from national surveys of voluntary organisations’ in the session ‘Partnerships and cross sector relationships’.
Tom McKenzie and Cathy Pharoah presented their work on generosity in a multicultural context in the donors and grant making session.
The session on Corporate philanthropy saw Beth Breeze present a paper called 'Corporate Philanthropy on the Shop Floor' (pdf), sharing data from participant-observation study of employee fundraising in ten companies. In the same session Matthew Bond presented ‘perspectives on corporate philanthropy: the view from the board’ and Catherine Walker ‘corporate giving to charities – what’s it really worth? An exploration of the most comprehensive comparison on UK and worldwide giving by UK-listed companies, and the meaning of corporate citizenship in the 21st century’.
For full details of the conference see the NCVO website

CASE Conference.
Beth spoke on the topic 'How new is the 'new philanthropy' at the annual CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) conference in Birmingham on 29th August. See her slides (pdf)

ISTR International Conference 2012. CGAP members presented at international conference of The International Society for Third-Sector Research in Siena.

Spoke 3 presented in the session ‘Roles of Philanthropy Revisited’ Tobias Jung gave his paper ‘Leaders, Intermediaries, Overseers? Exploring the Role of Community Foundations in England’ and Cathy Pharoah presented ‘Can private philanthropy be considered as a part of a coherent approach to meeting public welfare need?

Spoke 2 presented a panel session titled ‘Charity and social redistribution: quantitative and qualitative perspectives’. John Mohan and Rose Lindsey gave their paper on charity deserts, Balihar Sanghera presented his paper on charitable giving and everyday morality, and Beth Breeze gave a paper on the role of need in donors’ selection of charitable beneficiaries.

Peter Backus presented ‘A quantitative analysis of charitable causes in 20th century England’, which drew on work he did for CGAP on long run changes in the causes

Cathy Pharoah also chaired Philanthropy and Volunteering, and was the discussant for the special session on The Role of Foundations and the Field of Philanthropy Studies and Research.

Details of the conference are available from the ISTR website.

VSSN/NCVO Conference 2011 CGAP presented research in their session 'Aspects of Giving and Philanthropy' on 7th September.

Exploring local hotspots and deserts: investigating the local distribution of charitable resources (pdf) Rose Lindsey presented a paper based on initial findings from her work tracking flows of charitable funds into and out of areas with contrasting socioeconomic circumstances.

Developing a Culture of Giving? Donor cultivation in theory and practice (pdf) Tobias Jung presented findings from CGAP's donor cultivation research project which has led to the development of a reflective practice framework.

IRSPM 2011 CGAP hosted a dedicated track on ‘Philanthropy, public services, policy: working together or falling out’ at the 2011 conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) which took place from the 11th to 13th of April at Trinity College Dublin. See Susan Phillips’ presentation on ‘Policy for Partnership: Assessing the Meta-Governance for Government-Civil Society Relationships’ (pdf)

ERNOP 2011 John Mohan gave an invited plenary lecture to the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) conference in Vienna, on “Foundations of the “big society”: charity deserts, the civic core, and the impacts of deficit reduction policies”, see the presentation (pdf).

Other CGAP researchers presented at the conference. Beth Breeze and Iain Wilkinson were joined by Theo Schuyt and Barbara Gouwenberg for ‘Does public policy make sense in promoting philanthropic funding?’ (pdf), and ‘Letting go of the past and going for the future? Community foundations’ responses to the changing socio-political landscape across the United Kingdom’ (pdf) by Jenny Harrow, Tobias Jung and Susan Phillips was presented by Tobias Jung.

2nd Scottish Third Sector Research Conference 2011 Read Cathy Pharoah's conference paper 'The new challenges facing fundraisers chasing the Scottish pound' (pdf) 

ARNOVA 2010 Payout with an English accent: Exploring the case for a foundation 'distribution quota' in the UK (pdf). Cathy Pharoah and Jenny Harrow 

VSSN/NCVO Conference 2010 Beth Breeze and Jon Dean presented their paper on relationships between donors and beneficiaries. "Just get the money by hook or by crook": User views on the representation of homelessness in fundraising materials (pdf)

VSSN/NCVO Conference 2009 CGAP hosted a panel at the 15th VSSN/NCVO Researching the Voluntary sector conference.

Tom McKenzie 'Tax or Beg? Mandatory Payments to Charity and their Effects on Donor Behavior (pdf) 

Cathy Pharoah Family foundation philanthropy in an international context – an expression of personal, family and/ or the social and cultural values of their time? (pdf) 

Beth Breeze I cant afford to support every worthy cause: the role of donor taste, beneficiary need and nonprofit competence in selection of recipients for charitable donations (pdf)

Beth Breeze and Gareth Morgan presented a paper considering the impact of the recession on charitable giving. Philanthropy in a Recession: An analysis of UK media representations and implications for charitable giving (pdf)

Also read Tracking flows of charitable expenditures: issues arising from the use of Charity Commission data to map the distribution of charitable resources in England and Wales (pdf) by John Mohan, Peter Backus and Alexia Katsanidou.

NCVO Annual Conference 2009 Giving: A fundraising activity or act of citizenship? [pdf] Cathy Pharoah & Beth Breeze

ARNOVA 2008 CGAP led a panel on ‘Funders and their commitments’ the presenters were Jenny Harrow (Cass), Cathy Pharoah (Cass), Diana Leat (Independent) and Sarabajaya Kumar (Skoll Centre for Entrepreneurship) with Beth Breeze as a discussant.
Read Jenny and Cathy's paper 'Stretching to meet obligations? Family Foundation giving - an international comparison' (pdf) and see their presentation (pdf).
Also read Beth Breeze's discussant notes (pdf).

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