Africa UK Diaspora Funding Conference

Cathy was a panellist in the session on the ‘Development Impact of Diaspora Organisations’. She discussed diaspora access to international development funding – presenting facts, figures and observations, drawing on the recent ‘Global Grant-making’ report. See Cathy's presentation (pdf)

Scottish Community Foundation Spring Conference

Cathy Pharoah was the keynote speaker at the conference in May 2012. Her presentation 'Today's major philanthropy' is available below.

Raising Funds from the Rich 2011

Beth Breeze spoke at Action Planning's annual conference on philanthropy on 6th December. Beth sat on a panel with Dr Philip Beresford, author of the Sunday Times Rich List and Jeffrey Archer who spoke about running a celebrity auction. Details of all speakers are available in the conference brochure (pdf). Beth's presentation is available below, also read her speaking notes (pdf).

How Donors Choose Charities

On 28th November Dr Beth Breeze presented her research on how donors choose which charities to support at the Researchers in Fundraising conference. For details of other presentations from the conference see the Institute of Fundraising website.
How Donors Choose Charities

Future for the voluntary and community sector

Cathy Pharoah was keynote speaker at Southwark Forum on 23rd June. Focussing on the sector’s capacity to respond to the funding  challenges and opportunities in the new era of Big Society and Open Public Services
The future for the voluntary and community sector

Philanthropy and the Big Society

On 12th May Cathy Pharoah gave a presentation within the Institute for Voluntary Action Research and Birkbeck University seminar series, looking at the potential role of philanthropy in shaping the Big Society. The presentation focussed on differences in the role and aim of philanthropic and statutory funding, some of the tensions that might arise as the balance between these changes, and how the sector’s shape might change in response to a greater dependence on private rather then statutory funding sources.
Current giving, philanthropy, and the shaping of Big Society


Big Society and entrepreneurial philanthropy

Eleanor Shaw discussed her work into the emergence of entrepreneurial philanthropy at the first Social and Sustainable Enterprise Network Symposium. 

Social enterprise & philanthropy: their role in the new Big Society

Inside Government Third Sector Forum

On 25 January 2011 Cathy Pharoah gave a presentation on current funding trends and the future challenges and opportunites at the Inside Government Third Sector Forum. See other presentations by Pat Samuel, Deputy Director, Public Services, Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office and Alastair Wilson, Chief Executive, School for Social Entrepreneurs. 

Future for the voluntary and community sector -  funding challenges and opportunities

NCVO/TSRC Big Society Research Seminar

On 11 October 2010 Cathy Pharoah and Karl Wilding explored the evidence base behind funding for the Big Society Agenda. All presentations available here

The CGAP 2010 Conference: presentations

The CGAP 2010 saw presentations from researchers across a range to topics central to charitable giving and philanthropy. These included:

Charity Finance Live conference, October 19, 2009

Trends in voluntary income focussing on the future for legacies were the subject of a presentation by Cathy Pharoah at the recent Charity Finance Live conference, October 19, 2009. The figures suggest the outlook is gloomy. Legacy data indicate that changes in the value of legacies over the last five years have roughly tracked changes in GDP, with a year's time-lag. With falls in economic growth predicted for the short-term, legacies are also likely to see falling values for the next two years at least. Read Cathy's perspective on Fundraising trends 07/08 (pdf).

Professor Jenny Harrow on Recession and the third sector [pdf] at the ESRC/Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Public Policy Seminar Series. Thistles, roses, thorns: some reflections on third
sector/government relations and policy expectations in economic downturn (pdf)

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