Research Outputs

Charity and Social Distribution

Characteristics of charities

John Mohan and Steve Barnard draw on substantial original research to classify and map the charity population in Scotland, demonstrating important differences between the numbers and characteristics of charities in Scotland and those south of the border. Read Comparisons between the characteristics of charities in Scotland and those of England and Wales (pdf).

Benefits and beneficiaries

User Views of Fundraising New research by Beth Breeze explores the opinions of those represented in charity campaigns. This report explores the tension between discomfort at the use of images that could be seen as emotionally manipulative and the resulting success of fundraising appeals. Read 'User views of fundraising'  (pdf) and Beth's Guardian article.

Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Charles Harvey, Mairi Maclean, Jillian Gordon and Eleanor Shaw have written a paper on Andrew Carnegie and entrepreneurial philanthropy which was published in Business History in 2011. The paper focuses upon the relationship between the business and philanthropic endeavours of world-making entrepreneurs. They present an original model of entrepreneurial philanthropy which they then apply to interpret and make sense of the career of Andrew Carnegie. Read Andrew Carnegie and the foundations of contemporary entrepreneurial philanthropy (pdf). Also see Charles Harvey's presentation

CGAP researcher Eleanor Shaw, University of Strathclyde, accepted to present her paper on Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: Theoretical Antecedents and Empirical Analysis of economic, social, cultural and symbolic capital at the prestigious Babson College. Read the abstract (pdf) and full paper (pdf)

Individual and Household Giving

Remittance giving and charitable donating
A new report by CGAP and Trust for London on the links between remittance giving and charitable donating in April 2013. Based on a new study of household spending data, and in‑depth interviews with remitters, the report highlights the true nature and value of the generosity of the UK’s migrant and minority groups.  It finds a high level of generosity and community responsibility among migrant and minority households where those sending money overseas are also more likely to donate to UK charities. Read 'Giving back to communities of residence and of origin' (pdf)

The New State of Donation Research by CGAP with the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) on three decades of household giving. The report finds that fewer households are giving now than in 1978, but that donors give more. Read the summary and full report ‘The new state of donation: three decades of household giving to charity 1978-2008’ (pdf). Also see the launch presentations and discussion notes.

Gift Aid. Tom McKenzie and Cathy Pharoah present a 'Commentary on recent research and debate about reforming Gift Aid' (pdf)

Donor motivations

How donors choose charities? CGAP researcher Beth Breeze has written a new report on the strategies that donors adopt when faced by the choice of giving to competing causes and charities. The report is a must read for anyone involved in the fields of philanthropy or fundraising. Download 'How donors choose charities?' (pdf) and read the related Civil Society article 'Decisions, Decisions' (pdf).

CGAP researches the intrinsic motivations of giving and philanthropy. CGAP researcher Beth Breeze along with Pamela Wiepking published a paper in 2009 on the Effect of Money Perceptions on Charitable Giving. (pdf)


Cathy Pharoah and Jenny Harrow led a round-table debate on March 19th at the Smith Institute with an overview essay written especially for the occasion. Read Charitable legacies in an environment of change (pdf).

The legacy of the recession - a report on recent trends in charitable bequests (pdf) by Cathy Pharoah notes a 3% drop in legacy values in 2008/09. This equates to a £57 million drop in income for the charity sector. Also read the press release (pdf)


Trusts and Foundations

Minimum Payouts for Foundations. Cathy Pharoah and Jenny Harrow explore how mandatory payouts for foundations could be emulated in the UK. They use data from the leading 50 family foundations in the UK, finding variations in payout levels and different policies between foundations. The working paper was presented at the 39th annual ARNOVA conference 2010. Payout with an English accent: Exploring the case for a foundation ‘distribution quota’ in the UK (pdf)

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