Working Papers

Exploring Local Hotspots and Deserts: investigating the local distribution of charitable resources (pdf) Rose Lindsey investigates whether regional patterns of uneven charitable distribution are evidenced at a local neighbourhood level.

The relationship between volunteering and charitable giving: review of evidence (pdf) Matthew Hill provides a synthesis of research findings into the relationship between volunteering and charitable giving.

CGAP Working paper 2: Government expenditure on the voluntary sector in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (pdf) Ian Mocroft analyses government spending on the voluntary sector for the years 2004-05 to 2008-09.

CGAP working paper 1: The market for charity in England and Wales' (pdf) Tom McKenzie and Peter Backus have launched a new working paper which explores the relationship between charitable expenditure and levels of household giving at the local level.

Charitable Giving, Everyday Morality and A Critique of Bourdieusian Theory: An Investigation into Disinterested Judgements, Moral Concerns and Reflexivity in the UK (pdf) Dr Balihar Sanghera explores the moral judgements made by individuals which underpin charitable giving and volunteering. Read the summary (pdf)

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