Household and Individual Giving

The meaning and purpose of contemporary UK philanthropy

Jul 11, 2011 | Category: Household and Individual Giving

On the 9th June, Dr Beth Breeze from CGAP, based at the University of Kent, gave a paper on 'High Engagement Donors' at an Institute for Voluntary Action Research and Birkbeck University seminar. Beth presented findings from a series of studies she has undertaken, exploring the practice and purpose of philanthropy amongst the wealthier end of UK society. Difficulties in gathering data on major donors mean this area has traditionally been under-researched, but the rising profile of philanthropy and the coalition government's hopes for encouraging voluntary contributions from the rich to offset the effect of budgetary cuts, increases the urgency of getting accurate insights into the 'top end' of charitable giving. Beth's research explores the types of causes that appeal to richer givers, how they decide how much to give, their preferred methods of giving, and their expectations for relationships with beneficiaries.

Beth's presentation 'More Than Money: The meaning and purpose of contemporary UK philanthropy' (pdf)

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