Women in Philanthropy: “Men network all the time; women do not!"

Oct 8, 2013 | Category: CGAP News
“There is a need for a network organisation for women to guide them to give more strategically” argued leading philanthropist Sheikha Dr Aisha Al Thani, in her keynote address to the Academy of Philanthropy’s recent workshop held with CGAP at Cass Business School in September. For Dr Al Thani, “the real surge in female philanthropy may be yet to come. We need to be building alliances and leveraging financial capital to secure economic security and growth for women and girls." Fellow keynote speaker, Dr Jemilah Mahmood, founder of Mercy Malaysia, presented on the material impact of aid and championed cash donations to female beneficiaries. Drawing on her experiences as a gynaecologist and obstetrician practising in Afghanistan and Syria, she asked, "Is philanthropy the answer to solving global poverty? What are the other things that must support philanthropy? What are the things philanthropy needs to support?”.
    Professor Jenny Harrow presented an overview of the landscapes of women-led philanthropy , contrasting the theme of women’s empathy and understanding (“getting the philanthropy idea more quickly and with more effect”) with the theme of women’s power and the case for “here come the girls!”. Jenny’s presentation is shown below. Those of the keynote speakers will be available shortly from the Academy of Philanthropy, which is the academic-practitioner initiative of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists.

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