Philanthropy: The City Story

Nov 5, 2013 | Category: CGAP News
Throughout November, the Charterhouse is staging an exhibition and series of events celebrating the role of philanthropy in the City of London. CGAP organised the opening debate on Philanthropy and Power with a distinguished panel chaired by Anthony Tomei and including Stephen Dawson (Co-founder of Impetus Trust and trustee of Impetus-PEF, co-founder and chairman of Jacana Partners), Fran Perrin (Founder and Director of the Indigo Trust) and Mark Robson (Board Member of HE Funding Council for England, Governor of London Met University, Trustee of IFS, Hon Treasurer of the Royal Economic Society and the Science Council), and Cathy Pharoah (CGAP). The final majority vote from the audience that the power of philanthropy in our society today is ‘about right’ was reached after a very wide consideration of issues. Not the least of these was that philanthropy has a long history of unique and invaluable contributions which have helped shape social well-being, but also faces issues of accountability, appropriateness and fairness in the contemporary environment. You can read Cathy’s speech notes below. Cathy Pharoah was also a panellist in an ESRC-supported Festival of Social Science event at the Charterhouse which looked at ‘Philanthropists as Change-makers: past and present’. This was led by Robert Dufton, Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness and former Director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Click here to read the event report and social media coverage..

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