Taxing Times for Philanthropy?

Aug 26, 2009 | Category: CGAP News

Tax incentives for individual charitable giving are currently under the microscope. Government is reviewing mechanisms for reclaiming tax breaks and the charity sector is running a campaign. CGAP has contributed to the debate by holding a joint seminar.

Joint seminar with the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG), held on 8 July 2009 at Cass Business School:

Taxing Times for Philanthropy?

CGAP would like to hear more about your views. We invite responses to the following questions which were prompted by the discussion.

  • Do hard economic times make people think more about how they give and to try to make "less mean more"?

  • Do you believe tax reliefs affect giving? In what ways?

  • How do you think donor behaviour would change if the government disposed of tax relief on charitable giving?

  • Are there other financial instances (e.g. insurance premia) where tax could/should be redirected as acharitable gift to the organisation of choice?

  • In what ways do you believe the UK's "culture of giving" will evolve over the next few years?

  • How could a stronger culture of giving in the UK be supported?

David Blunkett has joined the tax debate.

The seminar papers available are:

Seminar programme

Tax and giving briefing

Cathy Pharoah's presentation

Julian Smith on Personal allowances and Gift Aid donations

Institute of Fundraising Campaign 24/09/09

Gift Aid National Press Letter

Gift Aid Support

Treasury/ HMRC new research on donor tax incentives published 15.12.09; click here.

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