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‘Giving in Evidence: Fundraising from Philanthropy in European Universities’ is the first study of the scope and effectiveness of fundraising from philanthropy for research in universities across the European Union. Based on a survey of 164 universities in 24 countries, the study was funded by the European Commission and written by Beth Breeze and Iain Wilkinson at the University of Kent, who also work within CGAP, with colleagues from VU University in Amsterdam.
Read Giving in Evidence: Fundraising from Philanthropy in European Universities (pdf)

CGAP Researcher Eleanor Shaw and colleagues on Unsung Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship for Social Gain (pdf). Funded by Barclays Bank.

What are the latest trends in charity funding? Charity Market Monitor 2010
As the government looks to charities and individual generosity to help tackle the challenges of the UK's economic deficit, financial analysis of the UK's top 500 charities' suggests a decrease in voluntary income as a result of the economic downturn.  Charity Market Monitor 2010, the annual update on the major fundraising charities, top charitable and corporate donors has just been published, and provides more detail. Read the press release 'Charities will need more than faith and hope alone to help plug the economic deficit' (doc).

New international guide to The State of Giving Research in Europe. Published by ERNOP, this new guide provides succinct overviews of the main surveys of giving research in 12 European countries, including a  chapter on the UK written by Cathy Pharoah. Find further details on the ERNOP website. Read notes (pdf) from the Colloquium on international comparative philanthropic research.

CGAP Researcher Beth Breeze on Findings of the Family Business Philanthropy and Social Responsibility Inquiry. (pdf)

Rethinking recession: needs and opportunities for sector change (pdf). New research on the implications of the recession for the youth sector, carried out by Jenny Harrow and Cathy Pharoah for the Prince's Trust, is published. Read more on the Prince's Trust website. Read more on the Telegraph's website.

CGAP Co-Director, Jenny Harrow on Leadership and resilience (pdf) - local communities and services in a time of fragmentation'.

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